myTaxiControl - Professional GPS-based Taximeter Smartphone App

Move away from the 1950's tech and GO DIGITAL!

Tap  to start taximeter


Watch how fare gets updated and route taken is displayed on the map


Switch to Waiting Mode on passenger request


View without map


Ask for a Quote from any starting point to any destination point. Check fare in case of slow traffic.


The Quote is displayed at the top of the screen and alternative routes are displayed on the map


Create your own tariffs on our website


...or directly on your device (iOS only)


Setup timetable for your tariff


Setup fare details


Setup area where tariff is valid


View your trips on our website


View History of all your trips on your device


View tariff details used for fare calculation

TAXI Companies

"Transform your business. Go Digital!"

We do Digital GPS-based Taximeters for the Taxi business and all the management functionality that goes with it.

Your benefits with our solution:

* Reduce your operational costs by replacing bulky built-in taximeters by state-of-the-art GPS-based taximeter app.
* Rely on an app that has first been launched in 2011 and that has been continuously improved and extended, based on feedback from professional drivers.
* No calibration required, meaning lower operational costs for your business.
* No initial investment required, you pay on the basis of a yearly subscription per device.
* Use preset tariffs from our database, or setup your own tariff.
* Maintain your driver base on our website and handout User Name and Password to your drivers.
* View all your driver's trips on our website.
* Calculate fare in advance.
* Deliver Receipt to your passengers.
* 90% of our users state: "myTaxiControl is the leading taximeter app."
* More than 80% of our users are professional taxi drivers.


TAXI Passengers

* BRING-YOUR-OWN taximeter.
* Check if correct tariff is applied in 200 Cities/Areas worldwide.
* Check if  shortest route is taken.
* Calculate Fare in advance.
* Don't ever board a taxi again without myTaxiControl!

Newsletter May 2016

We supply the tariffs for these Cities / Areas:






Our user's voice:

"I'm a taxi driver and this is as good if not better than any meter I've ever used. Simple to set up and it's full of features."

"I use this app for my car service exclusively. Customers love the transparency (...) Move out of 1950s tech and the mistrust of the taxi fare!"

"This is one of the best innovative taxi meter app (...). I've tested it over and over and I'm impressed with its accuracy and reliability. (...) It is cheaper and more accurate compared to the expensive bulky regular taxi meter."